Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, those of you who are following my manga-esque web comic, GREMLIN WORLD may not have really noticed a lapse in content, but Part I of Gremlin World ended with Chapter 14, and so the world and primary characters have now all been fairly fleshed out. Now comes the fun stuff.

Part II of GREMLIN WORLD will have tons more action, a better worked out storyline, better art, and some great new (and varied) supporting cast members and villains! Starting with World 16, titled SIDE B, Part II will open with a bit of a recap on the GW world and reintroduce the characters to new readers. All the art is new and features the updated designs on the regular cast, whom all appear.

GREMLIN WORLD World 16 will begin its online run on Monday, May 5th, and as the entire chapter is already finished should run smoothly into World 17. Please be sure to stop by the GREMLIN WORLD site and check it out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Day to Day of an Unemployed Artist

Since graduating from the Art Institute, I have little substantial work on my hands save Nyamo, Gremlin World and the assignments from my current internship. Sounds boring, but surprisingly every day has been quite busy. I wake up at 9 and go to bed at 1, I do the dishes at home, play with my dog, Heidi, eat lunch with my friends, and find a few minutes to check up on what's going on with my hobbies. Somewhere in-between these things all my time is ticked away, a few minutes here, an hour there... it is  tragic but enlightening.
And time is not the only thing being eaten away, my finances are also approaching their last legs. I need to find a job soon and say good-bye to the security and freedom of student life. I have the talent, and I have the time to do something great- if only I don't give in to the slowly growing sense of dread that comes with being bankrupt.