Friday, February 18, 2011



So, this page was pretty tricky and went through more than one draft. The reason for this was because of the amount of information that needed to be fit into just this one page. I had to convey that Mirai was in the situation that she was in because of information she got from her two underlings even if we're not exactly sure what they're saying (and it's implied there may be some sinister intentions). From here we needed to show that Mirai took it upon herself to investigate the information she receieved alone, and that she has gone off into an unknown wilderness.

Friday, February 11, 2011

GREMLIN WORLD Vol 1 Cover and late updates

Just when I thought I'd have some time to get back to concentrating on Gremlin World MORE life comes my way! Looks like I'm moving house again, so things have been kind of hectic trying to pack and clean a little when I have the chance. And of course, that eats into my art time.
I've also made a renewed effort to be more active, which of course is detrimental to work that requires little movement and maximum concentration (to achieve best results).
Still, even though the work is coming along slowly, it is still coming along. Hopefully, this week things will die down enough for me to concentrate on art with less distractions (I'm sure playing 3 hours of Street Fighter on Sunday didn't help either, though).

Also, starting work on my San Diego Comic Con projects! The first reveal?

Gremlin World Graphic Novel Volume 1, you can see the cover rough above.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


That is to say, my collection...

Well, it's official now, I'm going to be moving. Time to pack it all away till I figure out if this'll be the year I'll be getting my own place. Seems like the odds are in my favor this year, but apartments are still pretty expensive and it's all up in the air!

Anyway, just thought I'd snap some pics of these guys before they go away for a little while.

FIGMA (and Starscream)