Friday, November 1, 2013

October Sketch 26- Smug Pai

Surprisingly, I've only done two drawings of Pai during this October Sketch project. This one is kind of random but came out really nice. It was fun to draw her so smug looking.

October Sketch 31- KILLER PEPPER

Picture of Pepper Xombi to go along with the picture of her sister Cafe.

October Sketch 30- Terrible Vigilante Pumpking

A semi-Halloween inspired drawing of a random character I made up called "Pumpking." I will be coloring this illustration soon.

October Sketch 15, 28, and 29- Character Sketches

I realized I actually hadn't posted Day 15's drawing even though I had it done... it was a touch up of Day 14's Constable Crash to be more in line with Icky's art style. I was hoping to have a chance to color it, so I must have forgotten to post it.

The next drawing is a rough sketch of Eric Evans, a character from a book I'm writing. I would like to do something more detailed but he's still work in progress..

Day 29's drawing is a random ogre-type character. I've never really drawing this type of character before, but this was alot of fun, I'm hoping to expand into more creature designs in the future.

October Sketch 27- Destroy This Mad Brute!

Inspired by a World War 1 military propaganda poster and similar illustrations from the film Pacific Rim (which you can see in Guillermo Del Toro's Director's Notebook section on the Blu Ray), I started with a simple picture of Rolo with no idea behind it. As I colored it, it took a life of its own and became this.