Monday, December 22, 2008

New GW and Massive Hook Up!

Hey guys,

Been a little while since my last post, sorry about that! But I'm back with alot of news to share! First, the biggest news- PLASTIC BOOTY Collectibles (the brainchild of myself and sculptor extraordinaire 3D Johnny) has finally touched down in a really big way! Following our second show outing at Vinyl Toy Network, we have been featured in blog postings on the BLOCKHEAD BRIGADE blog as well as at SPANKYSTOKES.COM !! Thanks a ton guys! Also, for those of you following the vinyl scene, be sure to check these guys out, as they've got some really sweet figs of thier own out there! Also, SPANKYSTOKES.COM is a great source for industry news, so check it out!

On the GREMLIN WORLD front, it's the time of year again for me to make my usual tweaks to Pai's design- but this year I'm pushing farther than ever before for a streamlined, more expressive look that should prove for some awesome, dynamic art in the coming comics! Check her out, I hope you dig!!


John"Spanky"Stokes said...

Thanks for the shout out! Your guys stuff is getting really great feedback, the only common question is Thor going to stand on his own or a base...people would like to see this stand on its own.

Pete said...

Hey Anthony. Again, it was great meeting all you guys during the VTN. Thanks for the mention. How's the progress goin? You guys are headed in a great direction. I'm expecting big things out of the Plastic Booty camp!

- Peter