Thursday, April 29, 2010


The second half of the origin of Zombie Shark Bear begins now!!

So, after sometime was spent thinking about a project that'd be a nice aside to Gremlin World (which you should all go read here: I decided I wanted to do something that was over-the-top violent and could deliver a high body count in its action scenes.
After some self imposed brainwashing with films by studio Gainax, I emerged from my room with an idea for a samurai epic where one man could contend with a whole army himself and come out unscathed. But it was missing something... an edge... I guess you could say.

After talking about the topic with my friend Jed, I suddenly remember the idea for a story featuring a Zombie Shark Bear! It was a topic that lent itself to violence, it was an idea so ridiculous it could ONLY be super-over-the-top, and having a zombie girl for a heroine seemed like a great idea, especially since Pepper from GW is so popular!

And from this conversation, ZOMBIE SHARK BEAR as it is today was born!

NEXT TIME, we take a look at the development of the main character, Mirai Samekuma!

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