Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bandai spams Figuarts, turns Amiami into void

It's that time of the month (actually it was Sunday night)... that time where it seems the entire world decends upon one particular website turning it's servers into a veritible black hole for hours on end. It was time for Bandai to put up pre-orders for their new Figuarts and reduce one of the best Japanese toy shops on the internet, AmiAmi,to a slow-moving, buggy mess if you could even get to the website at all (9 times-out-of 10 you got a white screen with a 'try again soon' message). It's become a tradition.

And what a haul it was this month. Bandai has assulted us with no less than 12 new items in thier Figuarts series, counting both the S.H. and Zero line ups, coming out across the months of November and December. Last time I checked, the Kamen Rider and One Piece figures have all sold out at AmiAmi, and the majority of the pre-orders have sold out at HLJ. If you're looking for any of these guys, good luck! Here's the run down of what came out:


Kamen Rider KAMEN RIDER 2- November release
Kamen Rider Ryuki KAMEN RIDER OUJA- December release
Kamen Rider Den O KAMEN RIDER DEN O CLIMAX FORM- December release
Tiger & Bunny ROCK BISON- December release


Naruto UZUMAKI NARUTO- November release
Naruto UCHIHA SASUKE- November release
One Piece NICO ROBIN (NEW WORLD VER.)- November release
One Piece TONY TONY CHOPPER (NEW WORLD VER.)- November release
One Piece SENTOMARU- November release
One Piece KOBY AND HELMEPPO- December release
One Piece DON QUIXOTE DOFLAMINGO- December release
Bleach- AIZEN SOUSUKE- December release

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