Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zombie Shark Bear Episode M.E. The Purge

The cover for the new mini-comic in my ZSB: Megalodon book. It's called Episode M.E. for Music Episode. The episode was inspired by the Anamanaguchi song "Mess." It turned out pretty swell for a 4 pager, I think, though the action scene is nowhere near as violet and long as I originally planned, oh well, it was better that trashing the idea.
 Simple establishing shots and sudden intro to the conflict in the story. I did this story as a bunch of storyboards to try something different from a usual layout. This style was partially inspired by the presentation for Cheeks' Bastion 7 promo in his 2010 art book- which everyone should definitely check out!

Mirai kicks zombie ass without her powers in this comic, the gun play will make more sense when her brother appears. This is the only page in the story that deviated from the regular layout just because I REALLY wanted that vertical panel of Mirai. Some of the panels include camera directions since these are done storyboard style.

Also, the exterior of the pharmacy was an homage to Acme Labs from Pinky and the Brain.

More zombie death. Originally this battle was supposed to be several pages, but because I wanted to spend time on the new version of the ZSB story, I had to wrap this comic up alot quicker than I originally planned, so the fight got knocked down to a page and a half. Still, the scale of the fights in the new version of the story will be a whole lot crazier than this.
Billy shows up! With disgusting snot!

So this is the last page of the comic, and I languished for a long time about how to wrap this up. Originally Mirai was supposed to toss the bottle of medicine from inside her shorts to Billy and act like fighting the zombies was nothing. This version keeps the sentiment that the battle was no problem for her, but the reveal was that she's covered in blood- and possibly enjoyed the slaughter more than she should have.

So, that's it for the ZSB comic's original build- more to come soon in a more ongoing format!!

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