Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of Gremlins and Bears

Well, at least I've managed to post twice in one month as opposed to once...

Not really the optimal way to start a post, but it's true and it gets me off to a quick start.

So, those of you who have been following my blog or my work at large in all the various ways I present it know that I've currently got two major projects going: Gremlin World and Zombie Shark Bear, and most of you know that the pace I work on these at is something akin to a snail. This is something that has been a huge regret on my part; when I started Gremlin World I honestly thought I'd be finished with it by now, but there has always been a hesitancy on my part to really go all out on it. This occurs for many reasons, mostly due to worries about quality both in art and story, and the desire to really write something fantastic and unique; the want to make Gremlin World something that people can enjoy and really remember as being a good story.

Gremlin World started out as a comedy and has recently gravitated more toward a battle comic with more drama and action planned in the future, recently though, I've wanted to gravitate back toward the comedic aspects of the beginning, but still keep some of the drama and action I had planned. Organizing and rewriting has become increasingly more difficult as my main collaborators have become busier in their own lives and our brain-storming sessions farther in between. And so, I have more time to think about my plans and find faults with my work, which in turn, feeds back into my hesitancy.

This doesn't mean at all that I will be giving up on Gremlin World, or do not love it as much as I had in the past. The whole reason for writing this post is because I want to overcome these fears and really begin to work on the project with a determination I haven't had in years, but in doing so I'm afraid that things I wanted to do and things that would be best to do won't meet eye-to-eye and that may disappoint some people, myself included.

But I will try my best.

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