Monday, December 10, 2012

PALS WITH THE BIG G: Stuff to think about

Yesterday at church, I saw something interesting.

There was a guy sitting next to me with headphones on, even during the mass. Of course, I thought this was rude and disrespectful, and honestly thought about asking him to take them off. However, before I could do this, two things came to mind: 1) While I was lost in thought on what I should tell the guy, I had completely missed the second reading and had lost focus on the mass, and 2) even though he had headphones on, I couldn't tell if he was playing anything, and even if he was, he wasn't bothering me giving me no reason to judge him or ask him to remove the headphones.

Also, during the offertory hymn, the guy donated to the collection basket, joined hands with me during the Our Father, and shook hands with everyone around him during the "Peace be with You" part of mass. He also was praying while we were kneeling and before Communion.

All of these further convinced me I had no reason to regard him with ill will (though I still did think wearing headphones during church rude), and I took this as an interesting lesson on why people judge others and why understanding others' perspectives is important.

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