Sunday, May 19, 2013

GUILTY GEAR Xrd-SIGN- Trailer Debuts

This is some nice news to come home from church to, Arc System Works has announced the newest title in their Guilty Gear series of 2D fighting games (currently the only genre of video games I play on a regular basis), Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-. The last iteration of the series came to us last year in the form of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R in September, 2012, and was the final update to the Guilty Gear XX game which had originally debuted way back in 2002.

This is very exciting news for me since I've been a huge Arc fan for several years now and it's great to see something fresh on the Guilty Gear side of things. Their most recent game, Persona 4 Arena, opened me up to the Megami Tensei universe and was a ton of fun to play and I really, REALLY loved the story mode and characterization. Needless to say, I hope that GGXrd takes that up several notches.

One thing to note about this game is that Arc System Works is deviating from their usual 2D sprite animations for a more cell shaded look using 3D models, which is fitting since the original Guilty Gear was supposed to be 2.5D to begin with and the last game in the series, Guilty Gear 2: Overture, was done completely in 3D. This is also the first time that Arc is using full on 3D graphics in a fighting game since 2007's Battle Fantasia. Lots to look forward to here, and we can follow along with the game's development on the official website, Guilty Gear Xrd Portal Site.

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