Sunday, June 15, 2014


Well, I'm posting this a lot later than I originally intended, but what the heck, at least it's getting done.

Last Friday, I had the awesome opportunity to take part in a Ninja-themed art show held by local art school, FX DOJO. You can see my entry above. It was fun and several of my artistic comrades took part as well. Best of all, both copies of my print sold out! For me that's a big first, and I hope that this continues through Comic Con! I'm also gearing up for a Star Wars-themed show in August, so this was a great way to get the ball rolling for that!

More images and links to great artwork below!

This one is by my good friend, Raymond Griego. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a larger resolution image of this pic, I really love all the details and light on the ninja's armor and the background on this piece is amazing. You can check out his awesome art at his blog HERE or at his Draw Crowd account, HERE. His work has alot of crazy details and has a nice broad range going from whimsical pieces like this guy (a personal favorite) to some really, really astounding creature designs, like HIM.

My friend, Max Barrow's entry; I really liked the concept for this one. HERE is the link for Max's blog featuring more of his art, including a larger version of this piece, Kunoichi's First Kill and some really cool looks at how his art progresses from initial sketch to completed piece. My favorite is Hope Rides Alone!

My friend, Bill Washington, offered up a moody but beautiful piece of The Legend of Zelda's resident shinobi (-type character), Shiek. I really like mood lighting on this piece against the stark white background. HERE is Bill's site, where you can peruse his gallery full of some really exciting fantasy-themed characters and action sequences!

This last piece is by long-time friend Francisco Ramirez. It's a really slick looking charcoal- piece and the only traditional illustration out of our group. I like the ninja's mask in this alot. As a funny note, the lens flare on the picture is not part of the illustration and came from the flash on my phone camera, which was placed at just the right angle. It is a pretty striking addition. You can see more of Francisco's 3D and 2D works over at his GOOGLE PLUS PAGE and BLOG.

Below are more pics from the show. I had a great time and hope that after the aforementioned Star Wars show, I'll be doing this more often- and next time I'll post in advance so you guys can come out and enjoy the show, too!

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