Thursday, September 25, 2008

GW This week

Here's a look at this week's new GREMLIN WORLD updates, with another page coming up on Friday.

Recently, I've been adding black/ gray shadows to the GW pages, and while this does give them an extra feeling of depth, the process takes a long time and has been a big factor in the lateness of certain pages. In fact, the shadowing process can take longer than inking and shading combined on some of the pages!
However, I think that to do away with this process would be a disservice to my readers, and so lately I've been trying to figure out a way to speed up the shadowing process, but save that extra depth that the shadows have brought to the pages thus far.
It's been a trying problem, but it's one that I'm confident I'm on the verge of solving. Please look forward to more GREMLIN WORLD, and the continuing evolution of it's art and story!

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