Monday, December 9, 2013


Well, I was going to wait a little bit longer before releasing this since there were some edits that I wanted to do, but I might as well get a general consensus on the work as it is. So, in light of that, I am going to be posting my recently drawn comic which re-introduces the world of GREMLIN WORLD in a much more story-driven fashion. I originally drew this for a manga contest this past summer, but since that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I guess I'm free to do with it as I please.  I'll be posting this in 4 page installments, it's 20 pages, so we'll see the final pages on Friday, and I'm very interested to hear what readers of both versions think of this reboot, and even if you haven't seen the original, please feel free to check it out!


The cover for the reboot of GREMLIN WORLD.  It's still kind of Work in Progress since I do want it to have a background and possibly color. The drawing for this took me almost an entire night since I couldn't quite get the pose the way I wanted when I was working on it. I think the final version looks pretty good though.


These pages are made using both Manga Studio and Photoshop. When I first started the comic, I was going to do it all in Photoshop using a similar style to the one I've been using for World 20 of the original version, but it didn't really look that good in Black and White, so I had to try something else, then I got Manga Studio to give me some better line work and even though I had to learn it super fast, the lines came out looking quite nice.


Yamato's introduction. In this version of the story, Pepper is Yamato's secretary since I always felt the way they got together in the original version moved way too fast (though I do think it works given the context of the story, though). The characters still interact the same way, but originally I was going to make Yamato's personality a little manlier to make his behavior completely different from the way he looks, but his voice is easier to find the way he's always been.


This page is for  exposition, to advise readers about what else is going on in this world. Several of the Dark Plum characters that have been blacked out have already appeared in the original version of the comic. The panel with the Dark Plum is very reminiscent of the cover page for World 20.

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