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Duncan Dog is a short story I wrote several years ago as part of a creative writing class I was in during Junior College. To be completely honest, I wrote this story at the very last minute the day it was due, leaving me barely enough time to produce the copies required for distribution to the class. The reviews of the story were very positive, which is something I have been proud of since. I hope that you enjoy the story and encourage comments on it that I may use to improve future works! I will endeavor to produce more short stories on a somewhat consistent basis, so if you like Duncan Dog please check back again soon!

Anthony Malone Andres

It was a bright and sunny day, the type that's perfect for swimming, playing baseball or walking your dog; which is precisely what Duncan was doing- walking his dog. People had made a habit of staring at him when walked his dog, he assumed this was because his dog was 60-feet tall and had a habit of swallowing up passersby. Of course, the dog, whose name was Fido, would always spit them out at Duncan's request, but still this earned the pair a great deal of notoriety.
Today was no different, and as Duncan and Fido rounded the corner on which his perfect little white-picket fenced house sat, people in cars slowed down to get a glimpse of the great husky.
“Figures.”, Duncan muttered
Woof Woof
“I hear you, man...”
However, as they began the second block on their regiment, something unusual happened. Old Man Old, the grumpiest old fart in New Eiffel, stood in front of their path, his weathered, mud-caked shovel in his wrinkled grip.
“What's this?”, he rasped through toothless gums
“I'm walking my dog, Gramps.”, Duncan stated dully as he toyed with a lock of blonde hair that stuck out from beneath his newsboy cap
Woof Woof
“Hmmm... Interesting' specimen you got here, boy.”, the old farmer was running his fingers over the baggy flap of skin on his chin, “You see... It is physically impossible for a dog this big to exist.”
“But he's standing right here.”
Woof Woof
“I hear you, man.”
“Well I plum well see it, but still, it should not be able to exist. Dogs that are 60-feet tall simply don't exist.”
“So, to you, Fido, who is perfectly visible and standing right here with us now, does not exist?”
“Muuummm...”, The old man gummed as he adjusted his spectacles, “It's rather hot; are you hot, boy? Let's go on over t' the ol' patio and have a glass of... lemonade.”
“I hear you, man...” Duncan walked over to the patio and passed the old man, who although had started for the patio five minutes earlier still had not managed the 20-foot distance.
Duncan waited in the shade of the patio awning as Old Man Old called to his wife, Miss Willy, for a pitcher of lemonade.
“So, boy, explain t' me how that there dog is real.” Old Man Old said as he glanced over to Fido who was sprawled out across three people's lawns.
“He exists because he does.”, Duncan said as he poured himself a glass of the yellow liquid before him
“I still don't... follow.”
“I hear you man...”
“Go on.”
“Alright, you see, people like you who simply find it impossible for Fido to be alive simply can't get the concept of perception. You see, the only things in the world that we know are real are the things that we perceive. People learn to perceive things when something about the thing comes into contact with one of their five senses, although I'm sure you only have a couple of those senses left, don't you, Gramps?”
“Huh? Wazzat?”
“Nothing... as I was saying we only perceive that which our mind has come in contact with; however, most people have never seen a 60-foot dog and so, since there is no information about them in general, people simply do not believe my dog can exist, even if he's right there in front of them. It's just like Bigfoot, there is no information on it, so people assume it doesn't exist when, in fact, there's a very good possibility of its existence, we are simply ignorant of that perception. That is why the notion of my dog being as big as he is, is simply impossible for you to comprehend. So yeah, he does exist, you've just never heard of a 60-foot dog before. Get it?”
Duncan, when finished with his epic speech, turned to Old Man Old, who was by now snoring loudly with his long, old fingers resting on the waist line of his chest-high, brown trousers.
“Stupid old fart...”
“Huh? Wazzat?”, the old timer sputtered to life, “Hah! See boy? That's why your dog can't exist!! You can't even explain it to an old codger like me, eh?” the old man got off his chair and began to dance very slowly around Duncan.
By now, Fido was awake and had come in to Old Man Old's yard to join his master. As he passed by the patio, the motion of the old man caught his attention and he observed him for a moment.
“Hah! You don't exist! You don't exist!!”, the old man pointed at the dog and laughed
Woof Woof”, the dog quickly swallowed up the old man and laid down across his lawn and part of the street.
“Oh no! Dear!? Are you okay?” Miss Willy cried as she waddled out of the kitchen and on to the patio
“Vomit, Fido.” Duncan commanded his dog
The dog gagged and spit out Old Man Old, who sat on his lawn confused, dizzy, and wet.
“I still don't believe...” he muttered after he regained what capacities he still maintained
“So... it's come to this, there's one more thing I can do to prove it to you.”
“What's that?”, the old man scoffed
Duncan took a deep breath and steeled his gaze.
“The reason why Fido exists is... The reason a 60-foot dog exists is...Wizards did it.”
A momentary silence fell over the debating duo and the weight of the tension in the air became palpable. Neither Duncan nor Old Man Old spoke, there was only an intense, noiseless staring. Then, a faint chuckle escaped from Old Man Old as a smile formed across the wrinkled crag that was his face. The chuckle grew into laughter, and suddenly Duncan was laughing, too. Old Man Old, Miss Willy, and Duncan all found themselves laughing uncontrollably for over an hour before Old Man Old finally let Duncan finish his walk. He had come to believe.

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