Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year's Resolutions!

(Late) Happy New Years, everyone!

After a really busy last part of 2013, I got to take things a little easier in December and get some much needed "me" time. As announced last month, Comic Con is a "go" for Aswembar Productions in 2014 and its time for us to get started on the projects this will entail. From myself, personally, this'll mean a new Zombie Shark Bear Project and a brand new story called about a ninja-wannabe named Jun.  There'll also be some Street Fighter fan art prints and stickers.

Being as it's the New Year, it's time to make some resolutions. The past month has been a time of self reflection and improvement (which was fitting for the Advent season) so my first two resolutions are related to these ideas; I'll be endeavoring to read the Bible for the first time and to lose 20 pounds to help my physical health. The majority of my life, I have purposefully avoided reading the Bible on my own, since I think the best and most inspirational way to find God in my life has been to simply observe my life and find God in it for myself. I believe that this is the most honest and personal way to foster a relationship with Him, and has helped me to affirm my faith in a practical way built on my true perspective of things. Now that I have come this far, I believe it time for me to take my religious experience to the next level by learning the history of the Faith, and using my past observations, make my own sense of what is trying to tell me in this modern age filled with worry. Thus far, people now don't differ much from the people of that age.

To be honest, I hadn't been too keen on voicing these ideas publicly since I know and understand that not everyone visiting this blog my hold the same opinions that I do, but sometimes things happen that just need to be put into words to share with those around us. To be brief, I recently had a conversation with a gentleman which started in a way that was very annoying, but gradually, as I listened to what he had to say became deeply profound and inspirational. This wise man, who insisted that he was nobody, spoke of things that I had pondering myself recently and helped put things in a new perspective for me. It was a very moving experience that came at a time when I was dire need of it.

Moving onward, my main artistic resolution will be to FINALLY nail down the story for Zombie Shark Bear, and I believe I'm very, very close to having something that will be very awesome for readers and artistically fulfilling for myself. That said, I'm sorry there's no New Year's art to go up on the blog, on Deviant Art and Tumblr I'll be posting my Zombie Shark Bear artwork from last year, titled Happy New Bear. Thanks to Studio Shaft, though, the blog will have some nice borrowed art for the header. 2014 is poised to be a great year for things in terms of film, comics, toys and art- and I'm hoping to be a part of that!

Thanks to Studio Shaft for the artwork!

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