Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted! In between my activity on Tumblr and Tapastic, my poor blog and Deviant Art have really been left behind and unattended. Maybe it was for the better, since between the last post and now, I've learned to really value brevity.

As per usual, the topic that brings me back to this blog is wanting to write about my Christian faith, and the need to put my thoughts out there in the hopes that they, in some way, can help whoever reads them.

This particular post is a list of  five ideas that I think serve me well as a modern Christian in trying to really live up to Jesus' example of how to live as His student.

1. Don't waste time condemning sins, move forward by forgiving them.

2. Have faith that God will provide for me, so pray for the needs of others.

3. Serve God by serving others.

4. Consider why others think they're right before saying they're wrong.

5.  God is in all things, so it is good to love all things.

I find that this attitude helps to develop a strong sense of  empathy with others, both Christian and non-Christian a like and get along with them. Ideally, these can be applied to any situation and helps to put the best foot of the faith forward.

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