Friday, November 13, 2015

PALS WITH THE BIG G: What is asked

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Another update regarding my thoughts on the Christian faith. But don't worry! I've got tons of art updates coming too, so if philosophy isn't your cup of tea, there's some new things to look forward to!

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I think the big focus on sin has really hurt Christianity over the years.

Of course, Christians should try their best to sin as rarely as possible. Actually all people should try to sin as rarely as possible- most sins are crimes or anti-social behaviors, after all.  And the fact is everyone sins, everyone makes bad choices- and in my opinion, avoiding sin isn't even the main point behind Christianity, but rather it is the forgiveness of them.

I see a lot of people that turn away from the Church these days because they say that Christians are too judgmental or because they don't want to believe in a God who is so harsh he would condemn them to a terrible fate just because they made a bad or morally ambiguous decision.

The truth of Christianity is He wouldn't.

He wouldn't because Jesus already did that for us. Jesus dying on the cross was Him dying for all the things that we did wrong, and when I say "we" I mean everybody- without exception. That's what "spreading the good news" is about; telling everyone they are loved, and included, and that their bad decisions are forgiven- they can move on without that baggage holding them back. The only one who can judge God's people is God Himself and he has already forgiven you, so be free and pay the gift forward. Thankfully, all it takes to be one of God's people is the want to be, it's never too late.

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