Monday, January 17, 2011

ZSB EP 0 Page 1

FROM ZSB Production Blog

Page 1

So, I've been kicking the ZSB idea around now for a couple of years. Jed Desuka, the editor/ webmaster of GW and me came up with idea one day while I was visiting him, which was inturn based off of a completely random topic of conversation developed by two of my best friends while they were at work. The idea of "Zombie Shark Bear" was so cool I knew I had to run with it somehow.

So, while we had the concept and the barebones version of the story down, how the story would actually be told was something that was up for debate; as was the art style of the comic. I knew I wanted something different from Gremlin World, but what I knew I wanted to get out of it was beyond my grasp at the time. It wasn't until I saw a friend from Deviant Art's digital inking tutorial that I had the epiphany that brought it all together.

Below is one of the early drafts of the first page of ZSB, while it does have some stylistic similarities to the final version, I don't think it has the cohesion of the final piece, which I'm quite happy with and think it has a nice, dreamy kind of quality to it.

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