Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Hello all friends and readers!

Though it's a couple days late, Happy New Year to you all!

Allegedly there's a piece of New Year's art coming for you all... I'll try to have that for you in the short run.

Anyway, I finally got my blog to see a more regular stream of updates in the closing weeks of 2012, and I hope to continue that trend in this new year. We'll see more post about comics, movies, film and animation and where I stand with each topic that's discussed. I'll also be posting more on my philosophical and religious musings for those interested (including a post that was supposed to be put up on Christmas, but I never could quite put into words correctly), and also I'll be posting more about the good and unique meals I encounter.

On the art front, I'm hoping to be able to put out 2-3 new pieces a week, done in various methods, and I'll also be doing some more writing and posting those stories with a corresponding picture. This should be a pretty big year for both GW and ZSB, and I'll be posting more on those once I've got things a little more concrete.

I think I have a new favorite character.
I recently started playing Persona 4 Arena, which I was given as a Christmas present, and I love it. I can scarcely bare to put it down. Originally, I had wanted it since I was a fan of Guilty Gear and Arc System Works' other wares, but Persona 4 Arena's characters and story are so much fun to spend time with I've actually built up an interest in the Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole, and plan to watch the P4 anime, when I've finished Arena.

I'll be back with more on this game in a later post, but I think the next topic of discussion will be my reaction to the controversial Amazing Spider Man #700 and why I don't care for this particular plot twist. See you then!

Thanks to Destructoid for the picture of Labrys!


Marlena Sandor said...

I've been playing the persona series and its really fun, right up your alley i think. I recomend starting with persona 4. I've got it on ps2. arenas fun, but no marvel vs snk. Looking forward to your amazing spider-not review.

Anthony Andres said...

Of course it's no Marvel Vs. Snk... cause that doesn't exist. For now. Actually, I haven't enjoyed a game as much as P4A in ages, so I think I definitely may be up for the RPG predecessor.