Thursday, January 10, 2013


Courtesy of the Figma Blog this month's new Figma Preorders have been revealed, and they're both looking pretty cool!

First up, right on the heels of her beau Kirito comes Figma No. 178, Asuna!

With the announcement of Kirito, I was impressed by his design enough to marathon Sword Arts Online in about 3 days, and I enjoyed it alot. Actually, it was one of the first anime I watched all the way through in a good long while (the others being Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Chuunibyou). Naturally, I'm happy to see Asuna is getting an action figure as well, but I am kind of disturbed that Asuna's expression look much more impressive than Kirito's- whose faces look either out of character, or just not as good as they could.

Asuna is going to be sporting the usual Figma stand, her two swords: "Lambent Light" and "Silveric Rapier", effect parts for her swords, and three faces: smiling, battle, and pouting.

The other Figma coming up, is one of the manliest characters in all of animation: Space Pirate Cobra, Figma No. 179.

I've known about Cobra for a long time now, and I'm glad to see that he's going to be getting his own action figure this May just in time for Alexandre Aja's Space Pirate Cobra film adaptation! That said, I didn't really know too much about Cobra other than he was an uber-manly character like James Bond before now, so today I took the time to read about two volumes of the original comic, and while they lacked some depth, they were an enjoyable fun read. I'm 98% sure that I will be picking Cobra up.

Cobra will be decked out with some really awesome features including a Figma stand, his ever present Cigar, lighter (with clear parts for the flame!), a fake left arm to go over his Psychogun, a standard left arm, his magnum, and a first for Figma, a rolling eye system that will allow you to have Cobra shift his steely gaze into various directions! (Sounds similar to the Hot Toys PERS system)

Also, it looks like his partner, Lady Armaroid, is on the way, too!

Figma Asuna will be available in June, 2013, with Figma Cobra leading the charge May, 2013!
You can pre-order each at AmiAmi, here and here!

Images and info provided by the Figma website!

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