Friday, April 19, 2013

ZSB and today

Here are a few new takes on Zombie Shark Bear main character, Mirai Samekuma. ZSB is still planned and will be happening eventually, and the story is actually in the final drafts. Just putting a little more polish on it and I think it'll be coming along. Expect some more news on it soon. These concepts were some ideas on making Mirai look a little older, but after consideration I think Mirai should be a cute character in her human form in order to make her zombie form all the more terrifying and monstrous.

Also, went out to dinner while on some errands today and decided to have a special kind of comfort food. Spicy ramen and grilled chicken skin from Gunco/ Kanpai Ramen in my local neighborhood. Delicious food and a great place to get something thinking and writing done!

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Marlena Sandor said...

food looks bomb! maybe a little too spicy for me.

You can always leave the "older looking" Mirai for late chapters. see the character evolve. ...though she prob doesn't age huh?

Keep it up! I want my finished copy of ZSB!