Friday, March 13, 2015


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Today's topic of discussion has to do with a question people have struggled with for centuries: why do bad things happen to good people?

Some time ago, I came to the conclusion that the reasons for these painful events was 1.) because humanity has free will, and thus has the right to make choices that inflict pain and suffering on those around them, and 2.) pain and suffering give humanity the need to improve these circumstances- to ease these we create community, law, and explore ways to strengthen ourselves and our loved ones.

Admittedly, this conclusion does have a utilitarian sound to it and hardly sounds like God loves the victims of said suffering, but from a Christian viewpoint, this would not be the case. Though the "problem of evil" has long been explored, there is criteria that is usually overlooked. This being: as the philosophical question supposes the reality of God, thus it would also assume the reality of Heaven, which in turn would mean the continuation of life in a vastly better state than life on Earth.

So, despite the horrors afflicted on humanity by nature and humanity itself and the pain of loss the loved ones of those lost must endure, it would be safe to assume that those who suffer are able to be freed of their suffering and return to a complete existence in Heaven.

This is not to make light of the pain of those who must go through horrific hardship, but to give hope that there is something better past that suffering.

Furthermore, when examining the situation from a Christian perspective, we must also call to mind that, in fact, God has felt the pain of human suffering and can certainly relate to what we go through. Of course, what I mean when I speak of this is Jesus' torture and death by Crucifixion. And not only was Jesus subjected to intense physical pain, but also incredible mental and emotional abuse, as well. He was betrayed by a close friend, someone he thought of as family, he was also cast out by his people, whom only days before had welcomed him with much fanfare and honor. And this pain and abandonment was only magnified because of his love for those people; and by it is by that love that these people were forgiven by Jesus.

So, when we ask ourselves why God allows bad things to happen to those who don't deserve it; there is hope to be found in the same God who understands our plight and strength to be found in the promise that something better lies beyond the pain.

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