Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pals with the Big G 12: In The Details

So far behind...

Luckily, I'm making great headway with one of my other projects, so hopefully that'll translate into more writing time for me in the very near future.

Today's feature isn't so much an introspective piece as it is an explanatory musing.

As a Christian, I certainly believe in the existence of the devil. That said, I don't necessarily think the devil looks as he is traditionally portrayed- horns, pitchfork, etc. I think the devil, if he were to appear as a human, would be very attractive and very welcoming. He would tell you everything you want to hear and that you are the best of everything.

In fiction, the devil has been cast as both the menacing, freakish beast, and also the suave, classy gentleman and/or lady. Usually, he is after the soul of the main character in the story and the main character must decide whether or not what the devil has is worth the sale. In most stories, the main character usually indulges in the gifts of the devil before figuring out a way of their deal, or they find the devil is simply a misunderstood character who does not mean the harm he has caused is is actually someone trying to be free.

Well, yes and no.

I do think the devil definitely wants to be free, but he certainly does not have any room in his heart to share that freedom with anyone.  In fact, I think he really wants to be the only thing that exists; such is the extent of his vanity. And just like he brought down as many angels as he could along with him in his fall from grace, so too, does he wish to bring down as many people as he can.

But he would not do it in the form of a monster, or a person. He would do it as an idea.

And really, there is no better weapon to use against mankind than an idea- it is formless, seems neutral, and once it takes root can either become all consuming, or quietly grow until just the right moment. There is no overt presence inherent in idea, either; it would be simple to think that it emerged on it's own with no outside influence. And really that's all the devil needs, just the earliest stage of an idea.

Of course, I don't mean to imply that all thoughts are of evil origin, or even that negative emotions have no use in human life. What hurts us is when those emotions control our lives by becoming a barrier between ourselves and those around us. Giving in to feelings like fear, despair, doubt, pride, envy and greed (as well as litany of others)- that is what the devil wants from us, to drive humanity apart and keeping us from reaching the potential for good that we all have.

Thankfully, just like in the movies, we all have an out- and that is love. Love for ourselves, love for our families, and love for the people around us. Love forgives, and through the forgiveness that passed from person to person, we will find ourselves freed of the guilt of our dark thoughts. Just as all the devil needs from us is a fraction of a thought to take hold of us, so too can we be freed from him with but a thought.

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