Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pals with the Big G Day 4: Enjoy Everything

While I do like writing about my faith and my thoughts on it, it gets difficult to think of something to write about everyday and sometimes I don't even feel like writing. So today I'm just going to write about things I enjoy.

As I'm writing this article, I'm watching Guardians of the Galaxy, the newest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films and one of my favorites (as is Captain America- The Winter Soldier- last year was a really great year for the MCU). I'm a huge fan of Marvel's films and am really enjoying their current endeavor on TV, Agent Carter.

On the DC Universe side of things, The Flash has been really excellent and exceeding expectations with it use of the character and his world. I really like their take on Reverse Flash/ Professor Zoom, and am really looking forward to how that story arc resolves itself. Also Gorilla Grodd. On live action TV. Yeah, that's going to be Cinema GOLD, too bad it doesn't seem like Powers Boothe is reprising the role.

As for my true passion, comics, I'm really looking forward to this week's issues of Batman and Gotham Academy, and the finale to Spider-Verse in Amazing Spider-Man.  My Hero Academia is FINALLY getting an official English release in the U.S. version of Shonen Jump, so I will finally be jump on that subscription I've been meaning to get for months.  Glad to be officially supporting the authors over at Shueisha (I buy tankobons on a regular basis, so I already do support, but...)

The U.S. release of the Soul of Chogokin Gaogaigar finally happened, so planning on getting him as soon as I got the cash. Luckily, I've got $100's from work that I can put towards an Amazon Gift card for it, plus I'll buy it from Amazon Smile so I can also do some good for someone else when I get it. It's been a couple weeks since Wonder Fest 2015, and I'm really looking forward to Sentinel's line up for the future. I just got their Ma.K Danboard and Yotsuba,  Rio:Bone Buster Machine 7 and Re:Edit Bleeding Edge Iron Man, and they are awesome toys!

So, why am I writing about things like this during a religiously themed blog post? First reason would be because I can. Second reason would be because I believe that God wants us to enjoy life. The world is filled with wonderful things, a lot of which stems from human ingenuity; which in turn find it's origins in the infinite possibilities that are the Lord.

So, as the comic Yotsuba &! so often recommends- "Enjoy Everything."

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