Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pals with the Big G Part 6

Wow, I am really behind here, aren't I?

This is supposed to be a daily blog post, but here it is day 11 of Lent and I'm only on my 6th article. Seems like double duty is imminent at this point and I may have to really keep my thoughts on the topics brief and to the point. Which is probably for the better anyway.

So today, I'm asking the rhetorical question: why do people strive so hard to find factual/ historical evidence of Jesus? Because, in my honest opinion, that completely misses the point of what the Man and his teachings were about.

People seem to think that finding the holy grail, or "secrets of the Bible" will lead them to something great and powerful, but Jesus has already given us the two greatest treasures he can; and he gave them freely and for everyone- they belong to Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, even the worst of humanity is welcome to their fair share, so long as the ask for it.

Of course, these treasures are the sacrifice of His life, and His teachings- the way to cash in on that sacrifice. Nothing more is needed.

It is my opinion that good advice given to me is good advice, whomever I receive it from; and as I've made clear previously, I think that "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself", is a really great philosophy to live by- whether you're religiously devout or not. It is the cornerstone (oh, unintended reference!) of human society, or at least ideally, it is and gives us means to find empathy for one other and common ground in the midst of conflict.

The greatest commandment- Love God with all your heart, all your spirit, and all your strength- to me, is the natural by product of love for your neighbor, and visa versa. They the same rule in essence, and following one will lead to the other.

Thus, it does not matter to me about the mundane details of Jesus' humanity- did he have a lover, did he leave a family, where he was born- because I have his legacy, and to me, that is all I need to believe.

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