Sunday, April 5, 2015

PALS WITH THE BIG G PART 18: The Want to Give

Final post for Holy Saturday 2015...

One of the websites I visit on a regular basis is the archive of the Pope's daily meditations. I enjoy reading these as inspirational pieces whenever I feel like I'm in need of direction and usually find what I need pretty quickly.

Recently, the Holy Father reflected on humanity's inherent distrust of God and the gifts that he offers us, saying that what God offered may seem to be too good to be true. This is something I can certainly attest to, as I have often wondered if I ask for too much when I pray. Jesus does make it very clear what we want will be provided if we have faith, but what does that mean? I've prayed fervently for things before and never received them...

So, what then? Are my prayers falling on deaf ears, or am I praying wrong?

Or are my mind and my spirit not unified? In my mind do I really believe that what I am asking for will be given to me? Or am I going through the motion of prayer and secretly telling myself, "This is impossible, even if God could do this, why would he do it for me? There are people more worthy of having their prayers granted than I am."?  That is, am I really praying with all my faith, or am I half praying and half doubting? And, what is the use of praying while in doubt?

Strangely, I have also found that when I say, "I need this, but it won't happen." I've found more often then not, what I thought was impossible happens, but only after that want becomes a need and  doubt is overcome by frustration and necessity.

But how does one find this faith to ask God for what one needs or want? Do we merely pray, then set about pro-actively trying to figure out how to get what we want? Do we leave it all up to God? Or both?

Though, I may not have the answer to this question, I do believe that the Lord has the want to give us what we ask for, even if we are blind to it when he does give us what we need

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