Monday, February 25, 2013


Ah, I've fallen behind a day... I will make it up soon.

Today's topic is another more introspective look... I'm going to be writing about a particular problem I have with following through with plans or ideas. I've actually been called out on this problem and it's definitely something I have to get over.

So, I often come up with new story or character ideas and even though the idea may be really good, I find it incredibly hard to commit these ideas to paper. Likewise, writing opportunities I have I also tend to flake, which is something I feel really bad about, especially since I hate disappointing people.

They say that identifying the problem is a good portion of the solution, but I'm kind of at a loss on how to make long term progress dealing with this. I guess I'd have to just really set goals that I'm going to be concretely pursuing.  I think this would be an effective method for me since I work really well under a set deadline, the problem with that approach has just been enforcing it by myself. I think maybe I really need to put up a calender or something  with a definite production schedule.... that worked during art school, so I'm pretty sure it'd help now.

Well, I think I'm going to be setting my first goal for Monday, what the project is going to be will be a secret for now, but let's see if I can get it off the ground.... Wish me luck!

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