Friday, February 22, 2013


Technically this should be Day 8 because of the intro but whatever... I've been at this for a week!

I really should start writing these posts earlier so that I'm not so tired when I try to sort my thoughts since I really would like to get into more insightful topics like what I think the nature of love is and why I think God is, in fact, logical despite what some might think. Unfortunately, though, I'm tired while writing again and today was quite frustrating, so I'd like to keep my post short for today.

Lately, I've been having somewhat of a struggle with myself. My recent goals have all been toward self improvement and the rekindling of my artistic and social vigor, but as I find myself becoming more and more confident, I also find myself becoming more brash and quick to irritability- two things I don't really want cropping up in my personality. Humility has always been something that is important to me and a large portion of my identity revolves around being someone who is accepting and empathetic toward others, so I am sad when I get so upset lately with other people.

I do not think it is wrong for me to hold others to certain standards, but at the same time, I also don't think I have the right to judge them too harshly for not meeting those standards. I have a hard time meeting the standards I set for myself, so why should I jump on someone else's case for doing something I don't even do myself?

I'm often told not to be so easy on others so maybe this push toward assertiveness is a good thing, but it's still uncomfortable. I suppose in the end, though, this is the type of thing I have faith for and that I should believe that trusting in that faith will lead me to a happy median. I often recall Jesus saying to "turn the other cheek" in many of these encounters, but I think it would behoove me to keep in mind that Jesus was kind and accepting but was also not afraid to speak his mind.

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