Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well, I guess I missed a day... but there are reasons for that and I will be doing two posts tomorrow!

I complained a little about this in my last post, but.... I gotta stop posting so late. I'm so tired I really don't want to type or continue to be awake, it's also hard to think but this project is about sacrifice of time toward strengthening my relationship with God and making myself a better person.

That said, I think I'd like to expand on who and what I think God is because I think it's hard to believe in someone if you don't really have at least some kind of concept of who they are. So, in my mind, God is essentially the sum of everything the universe is, he is the completeness of existence. He is everywhere at everytime in everything.

I once saw a TV show on the Science channel where it was proposed that God didn't exist because when the universe came into being the expansion of matter was so instantaneous that no one would have had time for the event to be planned. Upon reflection of this argument, I believe that my counter point to this would be that God did not need time to plan the universe because he is the universe and the creation of matter was borne from God's desire to define himself.

Likewise, when meditating upon the question of free will vs. a divine plan, I believe that two can be reconciled by realizing that because God is the basis is of everything he is also the end result of everything. I believe that God's plan is fluid and his goal is the promotion of life and existence; and the way that he found best to meet these ends was to make those who are living autonomous and free thinking in order to foster varying perspectives and types of life.

Granted, these are simply my ideas; one of thousands of theories on the nature and identity of God. I do not know if there are others who share this view or if it is even a unique take on him, but I do know that this is the idea of God that strikes closest to my heart and what I believe.

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