Friday, February 15, 2013

PALS WITH THE BIG G: Lent Blogging

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and in trying to come up with something to give up in order to better myself, I decided something that would help me even better than giving something up would be writing daily blogs about my experience as a 30-something Catholic artist/ customer care consultant bachelor in California.

So, that's going to be my Lenten project.

I was thinking of writing an entry about Pope Benedict's retirement this week, but I think I will take some more time to really get my thoughts on the topic in order. I also want to write about more conventional topics like the toy shows last weekend in New York and Japan. Lots of cool stuff announced. 

It is very late, and I am very tired. I think I will write a post tomorrow with more substance, but I am glad I wrote something today.

God bless everyone!

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