Tuesday, February 19, 2013


To be honest, I really don't feel like writing anything today. My stomach hurts from eating too much, and I'm extremely exhausted. I'm also not too sure what it is I want to write about today.

I guess maybe I should write about why I'm writing blog entries instead of giving something up like tradition states. First, I should explain that I believe that church is mostly a place to learn; you learn how to pray and worship there, and you learn about what it means to be a person of faith. I think is true of any religion, and though religion is stereotyped as wanting to control the minds of their flock, I believe the correct notion should be the opposite. I believe we gather to learn from each other and to learn about ourselves. 

My favorite part of Mass is the homily, it is where the priest giving the mass gets to share their thoughts on the day's Bible readings. I love this aspect of the mass because I think that through the sharing of perspectives and our meditation on them, we are brought together as a closer humanity and are thus also brought closer to God.

And it's not just the ideas of those in our faith community that we should be meditating on, but the perspectives of all those around us. To better understand each other. I also think that we should also listen to ourselves. We should acknowledge and confront our weaknesses to become the best "us" we can be, and that is why I"m writing these blogs. To become a better me, to better understand myself and my motivations.

Even though I'm tired, I'm glad that I was able to writing this blog post. I've been very focused on this Lenten project the past few days and I will continue to post everyday that I can about it, but tomorrow I'll also be updating with more art and toy related material to break up the philosophy and get back to my basics.

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