Monday, February 18, 2013


Whoops! Almost forgot today's post!

Being as today was Sunday, I think the most appropriate thing to talk about would be today's sermon at church. Today's Gospel was about Jesus meditating in the desert for forty days and forty nights while resisting the temptation of the devil.

According to our homily today, which was given by the excellent and always insightful Father Joe, the main message of the Gospel today was simple; "Good always triumphs over evil." This is an excellent message, and though I think that many people find this idea naive these days, it is an ideal that I believe in as well.

It is true that terrible things happen to undeserving people all the time, so it easy to see where that sentiment comes from. Why the world works in this way is still a great mystery to me, as even from a humanistic stand point this ideally would not be the case. I think what we are meant to take away from today's story is that while in isolation, Jesus had to come to understand his power and what his human desires were and then make the decision to separate himself from those feelings and continue following God's plan knowing what was waiting for him at the end.

Though this Gospel paints a picture of events in a way that no other person has had to experience, I think the situation itself is something everyone has gone through at one point or another: the willingness to sacrifice for those you love despite your own wants or needs. It is one's ability to make the decision to work for the well being of others that makes our societies and civilizations possible, and when looking it from this perspective  it is easy to see why we must consistently work for good despite the bad around us.

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