Friday, March 22, 2013

The Xombi Family

At the behest of one of my usual Gremlin World readers, here's a quick sketch of the Xombi family. Yes, Pepper's last name is officially Xombi. Here's a bit about them:

Father- Bruce Xombi- Former hero, his popularity and sponsorship hit the skids when it was discovered he had a thing for the undead ladies. Moved the family from Hollywood, California to Prefecture X since the city welcomed monsters and humans alike. Turns out neither humans nor monsters like zombies much. 100% human.

Mother- Zinfandel Xombi- The zombie princess, she fell for Bruce after almost plucking his heart from his chest. She is insane most of the time and a terrible binge eater, Bruce acknowledges that she's always right. 100% zombie.

Oldest Son- Filbert Xombi- Though he's human on the outside, his mind is habitually stuck in zombie mode, especially when he's gaming. Mostly human.

Middle Daughter- Pepper Xombi- The quiet one. Most normal out of her family besides her father. Surprisingly practical despite her odd upbringing and daily activities. Friend of Pai, lover of Yamato. Mostly zombie.

Youngest Daughter- Cafe Xombi- Mischievous but cute, one of the most powerful people in the universe. Literally has the knowledge of the galaxy in her mind, cannot speak directly to most creatures. Friend of Pai and Tsuki, works for the Bakerman. Mostly zombie.

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