Friday, March 22, 2013


Bandai has finally announced the release information on a figure I've been waiting to get for a while, which also happens to be their first foray into Dragon Ball Figuarts Zeros- Super Saiyan Son Goku from the Frieza Saga.

Ever since this figure was announced at Tamashii Nations 2012, I've been eager for news on it's impending release and it's definitely going to be a figure that I pick up. This figure has mostly been showcased together with a Figuarts Zero of Frieza to recreate the fateful battle on Namek and I was kind of hoping they'd be released together as a two figure set, but I'm more than happy to get both separately.

The detailing on the figure looks really awesome, and I really like the transparent effects used for Goku's aura and hair. Thankfully, Blue Fin Distribution will be importing this figure just like they have for other Dragon Ball Figuarts releases, and I hope that this is the first of several Figuarts Zeros to come from the line- especially for characters who may not make the best action figures like Bulma and Launch.

Figuarts Zero Super Saiyan Goku will be available in Japan from Bandai Tamashii Web, as well as through specialty shops like Big In Japan. Stateside, we'll see releases from the usual places such as Big Bad Toy Store. Goku will come with a figure stand.

Thanks to Tamashii Web for the pics!

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