Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Well, this is no good. I finally caught up on my postings just to fall behind two days.

Anyway, today something important happend: I posted a comment on a Yahoo! news article.

I don't doubt that posting this does come off as arrogant and self righteous, but I am writing on this because it is the first time that I have openly posted my opinion on a topic like this and said how I feel in public. It is because I have been actively posting my feelings that I have been able to accomplish this and I thank God for the inspiration to do so. I hope that I will continue to grow and improve myself as this project heads towards its conclusion.

For those interested, this was my post:

Sin is what keeps people from understanding one another and drives us apart and creates conflict. Faith certainly does not need proof, people do things all the time based on faith and belief even without religious undertones- they're called goals and ambition. But if proof exists that is good too; blind faith is limiting, but a faith based on information and educated opinion is strong.

I wrote this in response to the question, "what is sin?" and also in response to the statement that faith is foolish because of the assumption that it is not based in truth and that believers only have faith because they are not educated. As I have noted, many activities that humans engage in are based in faith, trust, or belief in some way, so I believe that that argument is moot.

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