Monday, March 4, 2013


Today at church we discussed how God is always with us at all times and in all things. That he is a universal existence.

Though this should be a fairly fundamental concept for any Christian, it was still pretty gratifying that some of my thoughts on God's nature were validated. Some time ago, while I was first forming my opinions on the nature of whom I thought God was, I came to the conclusion that when God created the universe, it was probably to define himself through form and that his first thought in this case was probably "I am." And though I probably should have known this from Catechism, the name Yahweh that God gives Moses translates out to "I am." It's also evident in the beginning of the Bible.

This is all stuff that I probably did know prior to making my conclusion but hadn't really thought about. But when you do take time to think about the implications, the thought of the beginning in this context is truly amazing.

Last night, as I was watching the film The Amazing Spiderman, the film closes with Peter Parker in an English class and his teacher suggesting that the only true plot in literature is "the search for 'who am I?'" I think, then, that if that is the case, it would be all the more fitting if that was the reason for existing as well.

As an aside, I personally think The Amazing Spiderman is a great comic book film, despite its flaws...

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