Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Another day, another post. Today I'm going to post about something that I think everyone thinks about every once in a while, I'm going to post about what I think Heaven, or the afterlife, is like.

A somewhat grim topic, maybe, or maybe it would be for someone who doesn't expect much from it. Death is something that is frightening for many people, myself included, but is something that I think is the beginning of the rest of our lives. Over the past few weeks, I think I've sufficiently stated my belief that God is the be all, end all of everything. Everything. Even beyond the physical sense, and as we are in his image, I believe that we also have a means of existence beyond what we are currently conscious of.

The other day I meditated on the fact that my inner monologue is always going, even when I don't realize that it is. There is a ceaseless stream of thoughts coursing through my mind, and there always have been even when asleep. I think these endless thoughts will continue even after death, and indeed, will make up the core of my being. Because God is end result of all things, I think that in death we are returned to him like a drop of water returning to the sea- even if the drop is part of a river now, eventually it will find itself in the sea again, but because God has granted his creations a sense of self, we will be able to continue being ourselves even when we are part of him. I think this is because God truly values our sense of individuality and it is part of why he love humanity so much.

As for what the world is like on the other side, I think that it is probably like living in a lucid dream state where thought is able to influence our surroundings but because it is now our true reality it is much easier to control and direct. Our lives on Earth may impact our lives and behaviors in Heaven and thus we will be able to eat, exercise and do things that we enjoy in our terrestrial lives, even though the results of these actives will not affect us the same way they do in the living world. It will be a world limited only be our perception of what can be done, though I believe that in time this will expand as well. When we add the presence of other people, it will be a much broader world than we can possibly imagine.

When writing out my thoughts on the topic, if these prove to be true, then Heaven truly would be... well... Heaven, but despite this even with fervent conviction, I still fear the passage to that world. Of course, part of it is the fear that I am wrong, and another part is the thought of the sacrifice to get there- leaving all that is familiar and all who love me to travel to unknown shores, but there is something else, something that I cannot put my finger on at this time. Perhaps it is just because I feel that my journey is still long and I am unprepared for its end right now, or perhaps it's something more vague. Maybe when I've found the reason for it, this blog will still be here for me to post my answer? I hope it will be.

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