Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today I'm going to post about love. Love- the core of God's essence and the most powerful force in the universe. And as corny and cliche as that sounds, love does some really awesome things, though there's been some bad stuff done in its name, too.

For me, the concept of love that I think we talk about in terms of God is like... a universal force that encourages the continuation of life. It's what brings people together and gives us the strength to sacrifice for each other. It's what drives us forward in life and can be a source of limitless motivation and patience for us. It is the will to live and to protect the future.

Love is what allows life to go beyond its boundaries and do the miraculous. It is our reason for being, and it is the fuel of existence. It is a force beyond the limitations of our emotional ranges and is as infinite as time and space.

And it is this love, a power beyond all things, that God gives us. We only have to look for it to recognize it.

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