Friday, March 15, 2013

FIGMA News: Week of March 11, 2013

New toy news post! Today we're looking at the new Figma figures that've been advertised over the past week. Hit the jump for more info!


The first Figma we're looking at today is Miyako from the anime Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb. Having never seen the show or read the comic, Hidamari Sketch looks like it's something akin to Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star. Miyako looks like she's pretty much the happiest character I've ever seen in Figma form, but I'm not really sold on her color scheme, the orange seems like it may not be as balanced as it could be though I think her socks might help with that. Perhaps it looks better in hand? Since I'm not familiar with the anime and I already have a full quota of cute characters in my collection, I'm not likely to be picking this one up.

 In any case, here is Good Smile Company's official info on the figure. She has a release date of July, 2013 and will be bundled with 2 faces: happy and happy with closed eyes, several sets of hands, a bowl of rice with chopsticks, and a Figma stand. Miyako has a retail price of 3200 yen. If you're interested you can pick her up from Big Bad Toy Store, Amiami, Hobby Link Japan, or Hobby Search on preorder!  Her friend, Yuno is also available from the same fine retailers. Enjoy the pics below!


Next up we have the much more exciting Guts from the series Berserk. This version of Guts is based off the character in his youth with Griffith's Band of the Hawk as seen in the TV anime series or the more recent Golden Age film series. I must say that it is nice that they are doing this version of Guts as a figure since Max Factory's first attempt at Guts in his Black Swordsman persona is sold out everywhere and getting pretty expensive. That said, I do honestly like the original; version better especially since it has a cloth cape whereas this one's cape is plastic. The details looked a little more impressive on the Black Swordsman version as well and helped look Guts look brooding and scruffy. Still, I do really like the sculpt on this figure and his sword is awesome. I'm still trying to figure out how his scabbard is supposed to work though since the middle and end don't look connected to anything. This is definitely a maybe for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if Guts ends up on my shelf later this year.

You can find all the official info on Guts here, and he'll be equipped with his zweihander sword, helmet, a variety of hands, and a Figma stand. His suggested retail price is 3800 yen and he can be purchased on preorder at Big Bad Toy Store, Amiami, Hobby Link Japan, and Hobby Search.

Pictures provided by the Figma Blog! Thanks guys!

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