Sunday, March 3, 2013


I didn't get to post last night because I was really tired and ended up trying to rush through my writing, which is not what this project is supposed to be about. So, after some much needed rest, I'm coming back to this blog with a clear head to really contemplate the topic at hand.

This week I haven't really been posting things that are directly religious or about God, it's mostly been about my own hang ups as a person and what I believe prevents me from succeeding. Though it may not seem like it, I believe that these issues are definitely tied  to God and my relationship with him.

To begin with, because I have made it clear that I believe that every living thing in the world harbors God in some way; it is only natural that to develop that relationship, one should strive to live up to their true potential and the best way to do this is acknowledge and work on their weaknesses. I think that being honest with one's self is a great trigger for change and also a good way to know where you stand in life.

I think that when we let ourselves lose alot of the baggage that holds us back, we're able to see things in a brand new way.  This new way of thinking can help us understand our place in the world and those around us better, and when we have that harmony, we find a place closer to God.

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