Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It seems like one of the big arguments these days is Religion vs. Science. There are many proponents for both, and traditionally, religion has been used as a way to explain the unknown, while science takes its place when we develop an understanding for the unknown. Personally, I think both are essential to humanity now and going forward and believe science will always be playing catch up to God.

Bold words? Maybe, but if you have been following my past blog entries (these previous entries 1,2) you know that my concept of God is all encompassing and that all of existence is within and maintained by him. It is my opinion that he is not only the singular start and end point of matter, time, space, and possibility (in the event of a multiverse), but also the origin of thought. Even if all existence was erased, leaving an empty void or a single atom, God would remain.

Even so, I believe that science is still a noble pursuit. It is how people understand all that they are and all that surrounds them. It shapes the world for us, so that we can live confidently and peacefully and so that we know where we came from. It is definitely a necessity for mankind, and so it is my theory that science is just as much a study of the nature of God as religion is. It may also be worth noting that I believe that a miracle is no less of miracle just because it can be rationalized or explained. It is miraculous just by the fact that it happened when it needed to happen- or even that it happened at all.

Unfortunately, I'm neither a scientist nor a theologian and am merely stating my observations of the two factions. These are personal musings that I have meditated on while trying to reconcile science and faith, and to me these are logical conclusions. I think that humans' scientific knowledge will continue to grow endlessly because there are an infinite number of things to know, but because of the same reason, religion will always play a part of humanity as well and it is ignorant to think that we could do without one or the other.

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