Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday, I speculated on the nature and the need for humanity's imperfection and to follow up I'm going to be putting to "paper" my ideas on sin and its nature to form the basis for my thoughts on Jesus' sacrifice.

I think the true nature of sin is very easy to understand: it is conflict born from fear. I believe that was what is meant by original sin- once mankind had attained knowledge of itself and the world around it, it became fearful and its connection with God and the world around it became tarnished. This fear is caused by the unknown- the epitome of that fear being death, an event that seems like the end of existence and from that fear we create conflict with others, this is sin. In our lives, sin manifests itself as emotions that cause us to put our personal goals and feelings ahead of our harmony with others because of the fear of a lesser existence for ourselves if we fail to do so.

Yet, despite being able to acknowledge and understand the concept of sin, we continue to sin on a regular basis. It is inescapable. People have many reasons for this- desperation  selfishness, ignorance, ambition, instinct, entitlement, among others, some seeming reasons being more sympathetic than others, yet that does not make sin anything other than what it is. Through sin we disrupt our harmony with God and those around us and risk the degradation of ourselves. While God's love is meant to unify and give hope to humanity, sin is a self inflicted weakness that will keep us from reaching our true goal by using our fear against us.

And it is because sin is tied so closely to the human condition that Jesus undertook his mission to free us from its oppression, which I will be examining in my own words in the next post...

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